Bi-Fuel Enters the Digital Age... Introducing the EVO-SP™ System

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The Next EVOlution in Bi-Fuel Technology

Building on a powerful platform designed for the most demanding off-road applications for mine haul trucks, GFS Corp announces an advanced bi-fuel solution for the stationary power sector. The EVO-SP System applies lessons learned in converting dynamic, variable speed off-road engines to natural gas + diesel (NG+D) operation in some of the world’s harshest, most demanding environments. The EVO-SP System is ready to meet the demands of the most challenging industrial applications including oil and gas drilling, prime power, peak-shaving and critical stand-by power systems.

Smart and Powerful Controls with Advanced Engine Monitoring

Dynamic stationary applications require powerful and smart controls. The EVO-SP System has been optimized for precise and responsive control of natural gas fueling using a proprietary electronic control unit (ECU) coupled with a fast-acting, integrated mixer-throttle body. The EVO-SP System provides high resolution, dynamic mapping of natural gas and diesel mixtures across the engine load range using a 50 hertz / 50X per second control loop. This rapid control loop allows the EVO-SP System to safely and efficiently replace up to 70% of the engine’s diesel fuel requirement with natural gas without compromising engine response or power output. In the event of a fault or loss of natural gas supply, the EVO-SP System seamlessly reverts the engine to 100% diesel operation without loss of power. See which EVO-SP System is right for your application. Download our EVO-SP System selection questionnaire to find out.

Introducing EVO-Connect
Remote engine monitoring solution with real time graphing of multiple parameters » learn more