EVO-LT™ System Technology

The EVO-LT™ System has been developed as a fully integrated solution and includes all required hardware for conversion to LNG operation. The EVO-LT™ System is comprised of various components and assemblies that are retrofitted into the locomotive’s engine room, engine itself, and operator cab. The installation of the EVO-LT™ System is performed onsite and without significant modification to the locomotive or engine utilizing conventional shop facilities and general technical labor. After the EVO-LT™ System has been installed, the locomotive can be operated on either 100% diesel fuel or on a combination of diesel fuel and LNG. The operating fuel mode can be manually selected if desired, however the system has been designed to automatically utilize LNG whenever it is available. In the event that the on-board LNG supply is exhausted, the System automatically reverts the engine to 100% diesel operation irrespective of operating mode or load condition. The switch from LNG/diesel (LNG+D) mode to 100% diesel mode is seamless and requires no action by the operator. After the LNG supply is replenished, the EVO-LT™ System automatically reverts the engine to LNG+D mode. When operating on LNG+D, the converted locomotive meets or exceeds OEM standards for performance, efficiency and reliability.

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