Liquid Natural Gas Conversion Systems for General Electric AC4400 and Dash-9 Locomotives

Today, GFS Corp, an industry leader in the conversion of high horsepower diesel vehicles to natural gas operation, announced that it will add to its line of NG+D™ Conversion Systems and begin offering the EVO-LT System for the General Electric AC4400 and Dash-9 locomotives in early 2014.

GFS Corp, the first company to successfully develop fully integrated LNG conversion solutions for large mine haul trucks, announced today at the High Horsepower Summit in Chicago, Illinois that it will begin offering its newly developed EVO-LT LNG Conversion System for GE locomotives early next year. The EVO-LT System is being designed as a retrofit solution for existing GE AC4400 and Dash-9 model locomotives. The EVO-LT System will be compatible with industry standard LNG tender cars and will include a hot fluids control system and tender car communications interface.

The EVO-LT System will utilize state-of-the-art controls to safely maximize natural gas substitution rates while protecting the design integrity of the GE 7FDL engine and drive system. The system will have the capability of instantly and seamlessly reverting the locomotive to 100% diesel operation when required and promises operators a near-term, practical means of safely and affordably lowering operating costs and improving sustainability.

“We believe that the move to LNG in the rail sector can be greatly accelerated with cost effective retrofits of legacy locomotives,” said Jason Green, President of GFS Corp. “The EVO LT System builds upon our company’s proven technologies for the mining and stationary power sectors and we see the rail market as a natural progression of our product lineup.”

GFS is currently in talks with several potential launch customers for the EVO-LT System and plans to have the first NG+D™ locomotive operating in mid 2014.

About Gaseous Fuel Systems (GFS Corp)

GFS Corp designs, manufactures and sells proprietary solutions that enable high horsepower, heavy duty diesel engines to operate on natural gas. The company’s primary focus is providing fully integrated alternative fuel solutions for the mining, construction, stationary power and rail markets. For additional information, contact Kerry Hackney, Director of Marketing for GFS Corp at 954-693-9657 or visit the company’s website at http://www.gfs-corp.com.