Safe by Design

Operator safety has been at the forefront of the EVO-MT® System design from day one. GFS has built upon the impressive safety record of LNG as a vehicular fuel and added new and unique technologies to allow its use in rugged mining environments. Using a combination of active and passive safety technologies, the EVO-MT® System ensures that our customer's most valuable assets are protected.

Active and Passive Safety Features Include

Flame Detection Ability to tie into existing systems
Rollover Detection Solid state sensors detect rollover and shutdown LNG operation in event of an accident
E-Stops (optional) Driver operated and remote E-Stops allow LNG supply to be shut-off at tanks
LNG Tanks Designed, constructed and tested to ASME section VIII, Dev.1 or SAE J2343, NFPA 52, and other applicable standards
Engineered Fuel Storage System Fully engineered mounting structure designed using CAD & finite elements analysis (FEA)
Low Pressure Gas Supply Less than 2 psi supplied to engine bay. Air-gas mixture inflammable outside combustion chamber.
Gas Detection Operator cab continuously monitored for gas leaks
Truck Over-Speed Protection NG+D® mode disabled above customer designated speed