Become a Factory Authorized Distributor for the EVO-SP™ System

The EVO-SP™ System is certainly a market changing innovation. Join the GFS Partner Network and become a distributor for the most innovative bi-fuel system ever offered. From a distributor's standpoint, there are many advantages and benefits of the EVO-SP™ line.

Ease of Installation

Unlike competitor’s systems where all wiring must be individually landed by the installing technician in the field, the EVO-SP™ System comes complete with pre-made wiring harnesses and connectors. Installation is plug and play. Our experience has shown that the vast majority of post installation problems are from incorrect wiring. This issue is completely eliminated with our system.

Simplified Commissioning Process

Our intelligent ECU, combined with the easy to use touch screen interface, greatly simplifies the commissioning process. Special set up screens, available only to the installer, allow for a simple and precise set-up process including email functionality built in for sending commissioning reports directly from the system.

Simplified Inventory Management

The EVO-SP™ System is based around common components used in all of the various model configurations. The same ECU and the Control Panel are used across the product line greatly simplifying inventory requirements. Configuration is simple. Determine number and size of mixers and mass airflow sensors and select the correct wiring harness from the small number of pre-made harness options.

Ongoing Product Improvement and Development

GFS Corp, not only revolutionized bi-fuel conversions kits with the release of the EVO-SP™, but continues product development to further enhance this already advanced system. High-tech research and development projects are underway with several significant advancements in bi-fuel technology coming soon. Existing EVO-SP™ Systems will be able to take advantage of these new product releases.

Professional Brand Image

Enjoy the advantages of being associated with a strong and professionally presented brand image. As an EVO-SP™ distributor, you will have access to professionally designed advertising materials, quality photography and eye catching graphics that you can use in your company's own promotional efforts.

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