EVO-SP® System Bi-Fuel Applications

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The EVO-SP® System is designed for a variety of industrial applications ranging from emergency stand-by power to the most demanding continuous duty operations. The EVO-SP® control system is compatible with both constant and variable speed applications using either mechanical or electronic governing systems.

In addition to pipeline-supplied natural gas, the EVO-SP® System is compatible with other fuels including wellhead gas, associated gas, biogas and coal-bed methane (CBM). The use of non-pipeline quality fuels may limit maximum gas substitution rates depending on the amount of heavier hydrocarbons (C2+) contained in the fuel. The use of non-pipeline gas may require filtration and/or drying to ensure engine and EVO-SP® System durability.

Electric Power Generation

  • Emergency Stand-By Power
  • Prime Power
  • Peak Shaving
  • Load Sharing
  • Co-Generation

Oil and Gas

  • Electric Drill Rigs
  • Hydraulic Drill Rigs
  • Mobile Fracturing Pumps
  • Crude Pumps


  • Irrigation

Which EVO-SP® System is Right for Your Application?

GFS has an EVO-SP® System suitable for most stationary engine applications. See which system is right for you. Download our EVO-SP® System selection questionnaire to find out.