GFS Corp Announces First Commercial LNG Conversion System for Large Mine Haul Trucks

The EVO-MT™ System for Caterpillar 793 Mine Haul Trucks allows operators to substantially reduce operating costs and improve sustainability by replacing diesel fuel with liquid natural gas (LNG). The EVO-MT 7930 System is designed and manufactured by GFS Corp of Weston, Florida and is the world’s first commercial technology that allows large mine haul trucks to operate on natural gas.

Weston, FL (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

GFS Corp brings to market its first offering for the open-pit mining sector. The company’s EVO–MT 7930 System is specifically designed for the Caterpillar 793 series of mine haul trucks. The EVO-MT System allows mining companies to substantially reduce operating costs without major modification of either the chassis or drive engine of the Caterpillar 793 haul truck.

The EVO–MT 7930 System has been designed to maintain the proven reliability and performance of the Caterpillar 793. In the event of a fault condition or low LNG fuel level, the System seamlessly switches the truck to 100% diesel operation regardless of operating mode. Truck haul capacity is maintained after the EVO-MT System is installed and engine power and torque output is maintained to OEM specifications.

Operator safety has been at the forefront of the EVO-MT System design from day one. GFS has built upon the impressive safety record of LNG as a vehicular fuel and added new and unique technologies to allow its use in rugged mining environments. Using a combination of active and passive safety technologies, the EVO-MT System ensures that our customer's most valuable assets are protected.

“GFS Corp is committed to bringing smart, cost effective and sustainable natural gas solutions to open-pit operations. We developed the EVO-MT System in direct response to our mining customers who have long sought a practical LNG retrofit option for large mine haul trucks", said Jason Green, President of GFS Corp.

“Our EVO-MT System is able to provide our customers with a ‘here and now’ solution that can be quickly and seamlessly adopted into their operations, making an immediate impact to the bottom line.”

The company is currently taking orders for the EVO-MT 7930 System and will be releasing additional solutions for Caterpillar and Komatsu haul truck models in 2012.

About Gaseous Fuel Systems (GFS Corp)

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