Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy Statement

GFS Corp (the “Company”) is committed to pursuing the highest standards of health, safety, security and environmental performance. It is the policy of the Company to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation and to conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices while avoiding risk to our employees, our neighbors, and the environment. It is Management’s goal that no one suffers an injury or illness and that no harm comes to the environment. We are committed to protecting the integrity of the Company’s human, physical, and financial resources. The Company’s objectives are:

  • To conduct our operations with minimal risk to personnel or the environment.
  • To seek continuous improvement.
  • To consult with all of our employees, as well as with our customers and partners, with regards to health, safety, security and the environment.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Company shall:

  • Consult, listen and respond openly to our clients, employees, neighbors, contractors, visitors and partners who work with us.
  • Work with partners, suppliers, competitors, industry groups, and regulatory agencies to improve HSSE standards within our industry.
  • Report our performance openly.
  • Recognize those within the Company who contribute to improving HSSE performance.
  • Comply fully with all regulatory requirements and implement standards to meet or exceed them.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient training to our employees such that we cultivate an active HSSE culture within the Company.
  • All employees not only have the right, but the obligation to stop work if conditions are unsafe.
  • Participate in risk management, loss control, and monitoring processes, both internally and with our clients, to provide the assurance that our HSSE Management Systems are functioning correctly and that hazards and risks are assessed and minimized.
  • Expect others who work with the Company to maintain the same high level of HSSE performance we expect from ourselves and support the Company’s commitment to HSSE in all aspects of our business.