Welcome to the new GFS Corp blog and website!

We hope you join us often on the new GFS Corp blog. We have rolled out the new website and the blog to coincide with the announcement that GFS Corp is now offering the first commercially viable system to allow mine haul trucks to be converted to operate on a combination of diesel and liquid natural gas (LNG). We are pleased to offer the GFS EVO-MT 7930 System for the Caterpillar 793 series of mine haul trucks and the EVO-MT 7770 System for the CAT 777 series. GFS Corp is the only company that has successfully proven the technology that allows this kind of operation to be conducted safely and reliably.

EVO-MT 7930 logo

GFS Corp is the proven leader and industry innovator when it comes to design and manufacture of diesel engine conversions. This blog will feature news, articles, technical information and other postings of interest from the pros at GFS Corp. We hope you check back often.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new GFS Corp blog and website!

  1. Is it possible to convert a diesel engine Volvo Truck into a LNG operated engine? If possible do you build the converter system? Where can I find more information?
    I appreciate any comments on this.

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